Accessorizing In The Summer

The summer is in full swing and the weather is heating up! July happens to be my favorite month out of the year! Not only because it is my birth month (yay!), but because we still have a ton of time to lay out on the beach with warm sand in between our toes. With that being said, I am sharing all of my favorite accessories to amp up your summer looks. Let’s get right to it!


I absolutely love a good summer hat. Bad hair day? Hat. Need to cover up that zit? Hat. Need to cover up your sins from the night before? Umm, hat. Well, maybe not, but you get the point. You can elevate each look with an array of different shapes and styles. If you are like me, you will most likely end up with the same hat in about fourteen different colors. Linked below are a few different looks that I like to play with.


Gold, stacked necklaces are a trend that I am loving right now. It’s an easy way to dress up a plain white t-shirt and make your jewelry collection more customizable. We all have those days that we wake up to some serious bed head, five minutes before we have to hail a cab to the office for a meeting. Throwing on a few pieces is an easy, creative way to play up your look and pull your outfit together. I enjoy stacking pieces that have significant meaning to me. I have always had a strong sense of faith, so I like to incorporate that into the necklaces I wear. I grew up in a Christian household, but my parents allowed me to develop my connection to Jesus naturally. Each year I experienced a deeper connection and would rely on the power of prayer to help me get through any hardship I was experiencing. So, when I saw these pieces from Moonchild I made an immediate purchase. One of the chains is an emblem of Jesus, the other is prayer hands. Playing with the length of the chains are vital to giving you some dimension on your décolleté. The necklaces I chose for you will give you that layered look without much effort, allowing you to add in your necklace of value.

Click for pants               Click for top          Click for sandals

Last but not least, nothing screams summer more than a straw bag! These purses are so much fun to rock through this season into the fall. There are so many options of colors, sizes and silhouettes. Jane Birkin was on to the trend in the early 70’s, when she was spotted casually strolling through the streets of Paris (cool fact). I hope you enjoy shopping the styles I picked out for you!

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