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Strengthen and Repair Your Hair with Pureology

While the temperature and humidity are rising, we need to be sure that we are protecting our hair from the intense summer rays and free radicals. I won’t bore you with a Highschool Chemistry class, but It’s important to know how these baby’s work because that is what damages our skin, hair and the inside of our beautiful bods! NO BUENO! They form when the weak bonds are broken down and split, creating a chain reaction. However, you can counteract this from happening by loading up on anti-oxidants. In your diet, on your skin and your hair.

I have partnered up with Pureology and have been using their “Strength Cure” line. Pureology products are sulfate free, paraben free and are extremely gentle on your hair. Their products are vegan, and NOT tested on animals. This line features Asta-repair, a powerful antioxidant that is going to help heal and repair any damage done to the micro-scarred hair. “Strength cure” replaces Cysteine bonds to add softness and protect color vibrancy.

I was hesitant to try this because I typically use Volumizing products on my hair so I wouldn’t look/feel oily. Considering I have a finer hair texture I automatically thought that this shampoo, conditioner and treatment would weigh my hair down. My hair is also heavily balayaged (highlighted) and color treated. So, I always felt like I was achieving clean, voluminous hair, but realized my ends weren’t getting the hydration that they needed to look healthy.

First, I noticed the creamy consistency of the shampoo and conditioner. What I love about the concentration is that you don’t need to use a lot of product to shampoo and condition your whole head. I also noticed the lavender, honey, vanilla fragrance that lasted in my hair days later.

In replace of the conditioner, I used the “Strength Cure Restorative Masque”. I just had my color done last week and I wanted to quickly replenish my ends. When I use a masque, I ONLY use it from the mid-shaft to my ends. The masque is creamy and silky, not oily at all (which I really appreciate). I left the restorative treatment on for about five minutes.

After rinsing and towel drying my hair, I topped it off with “Strength Cure” leave in serum. The serum will fortify and reconstruct the cuticle layer of the color treated/damaged hair. This will leave  you with smooth, shiny, luscious locks!

Special THANK YOU to Pureology for sharing these wonderful products. To all of my valued readers and subscribers, feel free to shop these products! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!


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The Secrets You Need To Know! Make Your Hair Look Fuller

Growing up I always had a fine, flat texture to my hair. You can’t have everything in this life, right?! Fortunately, they have so many incredible hair products to make your hair appear fuller. Luckily there are also many hacks to increase to volume in your hair! I have tried countless techniques such as teasing, blow drying, and setting sprays. I am a product junkie! Throughout the years of trial and error, I found products that I really enjoy, and discovered what made my hair look like an oil slick!

When you have a finer hair texture, you definitely don’t want to overindulge on root lifter and blow out creams. You can use a little bit and it will go a long way. You want to stay away from putting any oils at your root. Only use oil based products for your mid-shaft to your ends. Root lifters and volume sprays can be used directly to your root, as well as your ends.

In this video I show you how to create soft, luscious looking waves with very minimal effort. I learned that using the right products and tools you can achieve any look that you desire. With a little bit of patience, practice, and great products, you can maintain that fresh salon look!

If you want to learn how to do this look, take a look at my latest video!

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Shop the products I used for this look! I also added a few favorites that will give you lots of volume & texture!

Let all that you do, be done in Love - xo Lauren
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