Day Dreaming In Denim: Let’s get down to business

Happy Wednesday my loves! I hope you are all having a productive, fulfilling week. I have been getting a lot of questions on how I balance my full time job and my side business, so I figured I would take advantage of this post and fill you in! All of my boss babes know that the hustle never stops! You’re constantly on the go, creating connections, brainstorming, and planning your week to stay ahead of the game. For me, growing in the beauty business has really disciplined my time management. But, the first five years of being in the business, I completely exhausted myself because I refused to say no to anything. I soon learned that I was drowning myself with a schedule I couldn’t handle, and I was actually getting less accomplished. I hope these tips help motivate you into starting your dream business, or help you organize the one you currently have!

One thing I learned over time was to stop relying on my memory. Writing things down throughout the day gives me more room to retain information, and the space I need to get creative with my job. I always have a pen and notepad nearby in case an idea pops into my head, or I have to make a phone call later in the day. Its a small notion that makes a huge difference for me. Sometimes I’ll get an idea from a client for my blog or someone mentions a new podcast/song I have to listen to that I don’t want to forget about.

Create a simple schedule. Map out the things you want to focus on Monday-Sunday and be realistic about it. I pencil in the days I am working my full time job and schedule blog posts, content, and side jobs around it. You don’t have to be skilled in excel, all you need to do is write down each day of the week and create small windows of time that you want to get certain things done. Consistency is everything! Every week, as long as you’re working toward each of your goals – it is going to pay off, I promise you. It is the little things that add up! Your week doesn’t always go as planned, of course. But if you know you have something written down to accomplish that day you’ll be more likely to do it.

When you create a solid schedule you areย holding yourself accountable. Talking to others about your idea will help you in the long run. You’re verbally holding yourself accountable and getting different ideas from others. This may sound cliche, but, the law of attraction is a real thing!! When you’re talking about ideas and brainstorming with others, you are speaking it into existence. When you have a great idea, obsess over it!

Play to your strengths, and be honest with yourself about your weakness. Unfortunately, I am not skilled at everything, I wish I was (it would save me a lot of $$$ LOL). Knowing my weakness has helped me get things done more efficiently. I was never good with organization, until I reached out to someone that helped me get organized. I was never good at color, until I took a ton of classes that gave me the confidence to do a corrective color. There will always be someone out there that can do your job better than you, so asking for help will only benefit you in the long run.

This is just a topic I am super passionate about that I wanted to share with you.. I would love to hear your business stories and ideas. I am working on creating this platform so we can share our experiences and support, and empower one another! Leave a comment below or message me @LaurenLoSacco. Thank you for reading!

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    I am loving reading your blogs!

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