I felt it near and dear to my heart to write about this topic, because it has been an ongoing learning experience for myself and few of the closest people around me. How to combat fear. It is a simple, four letter word but it plays a huge role in all of our lives. It can control your subconscious thoughts that can transpire into our day to day behavior. It can sometimes hold so much control over our mind and begin to rule the decisions that we make for our lives, partners, and others closest to us. Life can be overwhelming, and it is only normal to develop different anxieties over time. The good thing about this realization is; that’s the moment you will gain the power to control it.

Before I continue, I want you to think back to that time you were a child living your life. We would climb tall trees, we would cross the street forgetting to look both ways, we would love our friends unconditionally, we would trust without hesitation, we would jump off of things that could hurt us, we played sports we knew nothing about. I guess what I am trying to say is, we weren’t brainwashed. We weren’t focused on perfection. We weren’t thinking about self-doubt when we were 5, 6, 7 years old. We weren’t filled with fear.

One day, my parents had mentioned to me that I was riding a bicycle without training wheels when I was 3 years old. I looked at them in disbelief because the only reminder I have of those moments are photographs, and I barely even have that much coordination now at the solid age of 28. My point is, you have such an innocent, light hearted, determined mentality at a younger age. When you fall down, you get right back up and it doesn’t stop you from trying again. You’re more eager, more receptive and open minded. You’re more likely to succeed with this mentality because your innocence drowns out the background noise of your peers and the critic’s around you. You don’t let it affect you with this impressive form of resiliency.

Fast-forward to the present day. We have developed scars over time because of mistakes we have made, holding us back from trying that thing again. Awful relationships we have been in, making it merely impossible to trust anyone else. We’ve been lied to, so it is difficult for us to trust others because of another’s mistake. Simultaneously, we have to deal with the criticism surrounding all of these topics. Not only are we dealing with these issues around us, they also live within us and sometimes they go un-noticed affecting our lives in more ways than one.

These wounds we carry around with us, are only harmful to our well-being. The mind is so powerful, and it can overcome the greatest of things, but it can also deter you if you allow it. The sooner we realize we have full control over our thoughts, the sooner we can shape our lives and combat our fear with gratitude.

I struggled with this concept because I am so brutal and harsh on myself that I can sometimes be my own worst enemy. It wasn’t until this past year that I really developed a strong, grateful mindset and unbreakable connection with my inner self. I started replacing every fearful scenario with a lesson of gratitude. One of my biggest fears was vulnerability. A year ago, I would of never wrote a post like this because I would be afraid of someone viewing me as weak-minded or someone would judge me for admitting this discomfort. I was fearful. Being open has been such a challenging, life changing experience. I welcomed my vulnerability in hopes to create new opportunity to possibly inspire or help someone. Regardless of the critics (because Lord knows they will always be there), I am grateful if this article has found you and impacted you in any way.

That is just one small example, but it really is much deeper than that. Those who overcome fear and failure teach themselves how to appreciate their unique gifts and practice this daily. Did you know that you are an AMAZING individual, made up of rare characteristics that are unlike anything else in this world? We rarely step back and celebrate this. We can be so busy focusing on other things that we can sometimes miss the big picture. There is only ONE of us placed on this divine earth and we only have this ONE life to make the best out of it. Does that put things in perspective for you? Because it was eye-opening for me.

If we don’t take that flight, how are we ever going to see the beauty of the world and appreciate new culture? If we refuse to open our hearts to someone new, how are we ever going to find that one true love that could change our outlook on relationships? You have this chance to create your life exactly how you dream of living it. It honestly all begins and ends with you. You are made up of endless possibilities.

Of course, this is much easier said than done, but it is always possible. I have held myself back from many wonderful opportunities because of the lack of belief I had in myself. It was until the moment I realized I could turn my weakness into my strength. If it wasn’t for me being open and honest about my weakness, I wouldn’t know how to propel forward. I bought myself a notebook and started writing down the things I was eternally grateful for. Some of these things included family, friends, loved ones, my health, the health of my loved ones and the trials that turned into the most memorable life lessons. Focus on all of the wonderful things you have been blessed with and you’ll never feel empty. This mentality has the power to get you through any hardship. It will lead you closer to your purpose and before you know it, that fear you once had will lose its control over you.

You are capable of it all my dear!

Love Always,


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Let all that you do, be done in Love - xo Lauren
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